How In-Flight Entertainment Systems evolved over the past few decades

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Introduction What makes passengers air travel interesting? Window seats? Delicious meals and snacks? Or a full-fledged entertainment system? Today’s generation of passengers craves for a great e

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Automotive Infotainment – An Overview

Written by: Mistral Solutions

Introduction Gone are the days when buying a car with only a music player was lavish. The time has changed! Today technology is evolving rapidly, and everything is getting automated. Vehicles with

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Anticipating 2019’s game-changing technologies!

Written by: Srinivas Panapakam, VP - Sales & Business Development (PES)

As we welcome a brand new year, I am thinking and looking forward to the top tech trends of 2019. Of course, there are lot of new things coming up like blockchain and quantum computing, but I am inter

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Energize your product with the 820 Nano SOM!

Written by: Srinivas Panapakam

Sometime back I had written how the Augmented Reality / Glasses have moved beyond just Hardware and into a combination of many things (

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Connected Car Technologies

Written by: Ravindra B.S

Introduction Today’s automotive electronics solutions are going through a major transition in terms of technology consolidation and hence we come across many new feature additions and integration

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