Video Analytics and Synopsis Software

Powerful, agile, easy to use, intelligent video summarization and video investigation tool that helps review hours of video within minutes. The video summarization and Video Investigation Software provides rapid alerts based on user-defined people or objects apart from notifications of critical events. Using this Video Analytics Software and Video Investigation software,video summarization is provided and 24-hours of recorded video can be reviewed in as short as 30 minutes.


The Video Analytics Software or Video Investigation Software offered by Mistral is a highly refined video content analytics and video summarization engine from Briefcam that fulfills the global need of surveillance to review a long video footage, investigate and identify incidents of interest and initiate quick action, as needed. The Video Investigation Software is a powerful, agile, easy to use, intelligent video summarization and video investigation tool that helps review hours of video within minutes. The video summarization or Video Analytics Software facilitates large-scale video browsing by producing short, concise summaries based on specified filters to provide quick representative snapshots of original video.

Using a unique fusion of Deep Learning and Video Synopsis, the video summarization solution redefines video surveillance and Facial Recognition by leading Law Enforcement agencies and major enterprises globally.
The Video Analytics Software is ideal Video Investigation Tool with facial recognition software equipped with features to identifies and provides video summarization using multiple intelligent filters such as objects, people, vehicles, animals, size, colour, speed, path, direction, dwell time and more. This feature helps in quick video summarization of a long video footage. The Video Investigation software has powerful features to extract, segregate and classify between independent objects, especially in frames that are poorly illuminated, contain small or distant objects, and/or background noise.

Built around an award-winning image processing technology from Briefcam, this Video Analytics and Synopsis Tool that can provide video summarization, condescending an hour of video down to nearly one minute of review time. This offers video summarization for immediate, actionable information from the video to enable quick, informed decisions for security and safety applications. The Powerful and intelligent Video Analytics Software transforms video surveillance into actionable intelligence, by understanding the context of the entire scene, detect, track, extract, and classify every object and create a structured database of information out of the unstructured video data.

The video summarization software is ideal for law enforcement, public safety organizations, security investigation, crime investigation, airport and critical infrastructure security, incident analysis, transportation agencies, healthcare and educational institutions, property and retail security, among others. The Video Analytics Software tool also provides seamless integration with complementing technologies like VMS, PSIM, C&C, and cloud-based Video surveillance solution.


  • Video Investigation Software to summarize and review hours of video in minutes or seconds
  • Accepts videos from a wide range of sources and formats
  • Video summarization with smart filtering to view only objects/scenes of selected attribute
  • Video Summarization with thumbnail display of events based on search attribute
  • Close-Up Clips - A highly compressed instant preview of an event with automatic zoom-in
  • Pattern Overlays to understand dwell patterns, common paths, and activity levels
  • Smart Search & Filter - Appearance, Person, Gender, Vehicle Type, Animal, Bag, Colour, Size, Speed, Path, etc.
  • Tracking of a selected object/vehicle/person across multiple cameras
  • Case Management and Team Collaboration with bookmarks and annotations
  • One-click event selection that indexes back to the original video from Thumbnails or Video Summarization
  • Real-time Alerts based on Pre-configured rules
  • Smart dash board -Quantitative Research Reports based on video analytic metadata and the embedded BI platform
  • Active Directory SSO - Robust user authentication and simplified password management