RF Design Services

RF Designs ranging from HF to W-Band for automotive, consumer, medical, aerospace and defense applications. Mistral’s RF Design Services cover concept, product design, development, production, test, and qualification.

RF Design Services

RF Designs focus on transmission of a signal without wires or any other physical connectivity. RF Design Services are specialized activities involving antenna design to provide radiative coverage of a specified geographical area, design of coupling and transmission line structures. Mistral is among the leading RF Design companies in India with a well-equipped test and measurement infrastructure for RF Designs, which include high-end spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, signal generators, LTE/3G testing tools as well as tools for simulation and prototyping. These modern and latest test equipment combined with our expertise in RF Design services help us in ensuring that your products and designs perform as expected. From low frequency to microwave.

RF Designs

Mistral provides custom RF Designs tailored to the specific requirements. Our expertise in RF Design is complemented by a strong eco-system of partners to handle small and large volume production. We provide board and System level RF design services for building high-quality RF Products and solutions such as High Power, Broad Band Power Amplifiers, RF Transceiver System Design, RF Transmitters, RF Receivers etc. Mistral’s RF Designs team adopts a highly disciplined development approach towards RF Designs, starting with a comprehensive requirement document followed by a feasibility study backed by appropriate Analysis and Simulation to reduce identified risks.

Mistral’s RF Design Services combine board and system design services to provide complete end-to-end solutions like RADAR, Electronics Counter Measure Systems, Telemetry, Automotive, Telecom etc. Our RF designs team has wide-ranging expertise with wireless and RF Designs as we understand the inherent trade-offs needed in these designs. Mistral’s expertise in RF designs include wireless communication, wide band radars, mmWave RADARS, Telemetry, MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-461E qualified Systems for defense and aerospace applications.

RF Design Services

Our RF Design services include circuit design, ADS based simulation, Layout modeling and prototyping. We develop and use a comprehensive test plan for our RF designs to ensure that the resulting product meets the requirement specification. Our expertise in RF Designs include design & development of Wideband Transceivers, SSPA Based transmitters, Homodyne/ Heterodyne Receivers, Wide band RADARS, RF Antenna Design Services, T/R Modules, Direct Sampling High Speed Data Acquisition Systems and also discrete RF design like, synthesizers, modulators, up-converters, down-converters, filters, RF switch matrices, etc.

“Mistral's FPGA/Hardware/PCB CAD team did a great job in completing our projects based on multiple RFSOC FPGAs Read more...

Mr. Gary Xu & Mr. Khurram Muhammad

Samsung Research America, Inc.

Mistral Solutions

Samsung Research America, Inc.

“Mistral's FPGA/Hardware/PCB CAD team did a great job in completing our projects based on multiple RFSOC FPGAs Read more...”
“Mistral team demonstrated high professionalism, right from requirement capture through various stages of projects Read more...

Mr. Michael Bailey

Gooch & Housego

Mistral Solutions

Gooch & Housego

“Mistral team demonstrated high professionalism, right from requirement capture through various stages of projects Read more...”
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RF Designs Expertise

  • Antenna Designs
  • Front-end RF Designs
  • Circuit Design, Simulation and Optimization
  • Direct RF Sampling Data Acquisition Systems
  • Homodyne and Heterodyne Receiver Architectures
  • DDS based Synthesizers
  • RADAR Exciter and Processing Systems
  • Wideband Up-Down Converters
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System architecture

  • Feasibility study for RF Designs
  • RF Chain Schematic Simulation and Analysis
  • Circuit design and PCB layout
  • Board and system Design for RF Applications
  • Layout modelling and ADS Simulation
  • Mechanical Design and packaging for optimized, RF and EMI-EMC performance
  • Providing support for FCC/CE certification
  • Test Software Development to support Design Verification, validation
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RF Sub-systems Development

  • Transceivers based on UHF, VHF, HF, MF
  • Wide-band radars
  • Phased array radars in L, S and C-bands
  • GPS receivers, Radar Target Simulators, Waveform Generators
  • Low, medium and high-power RF transmitters
  • Advanced receivers
  • Amplifiers and tracking transponders (on-board): S & C band tracking transponders (GaN-based power amplifier)
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RF Module Designs

  • Diplexers
  • Synthesizers, modulators
  • Up-converters, down-converters, filters, RF switch matrices
  • T/R Modules (TRMs)

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RF Design services including component selection, signal isolation and more