Product Lifecycle Support

Product Lifecycle Support services for ODMs, to remain competitive, for continued value creation and maintaining customer satisfaction; which includes releasing patch updates, providing regular upgrades, feature enhancements and customer support at all levels.


With expertise in both software and hardware engineering, Mistral offers proven and robust product lifecycle support services, thereby helping companies focus their resources on R&D and new product development.

Most embedded devices, especially in military and defense environments, require continuous product lifecycle and product sustenance support extending to several years. Mistral is skilled at working closely with customers to deliver complete product sustenance and lifecycle management support for extended periods of time to ensure seamless and efficient working of various systems and solutions designed and developed by us.

We offer proven and robust product sustenance services, throughout the product and program lifecycle, ensuring continued support towards maintenance by ensuring that tools, test equipment and expertise are in place for continued builds and repairs with least disruption in delivery and performance of the system.


  • Pre-sales support
  • Email/ telephonic support during warranty period
  • Online and telephonic support
  • RMA
  • Paid support beyond the warranty period


Mistral's proven and robust product lifecycle support services include


  • Case Study

    Developing a Software Test Automation Framework

  • Case Study

    Product Lifecycle Support for an RFID Prescription reader

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