Antenna Design Services

Antenna design is a complex process requiring high-end simulation tools and experienced RF antenna designers.


Irrespective of the RF / wireless technology used in a product, embedding the antenna into the product design can reduce the overall product cost and size. With over 20+ years of experience designing embedded products featuring technologies such as Bluetooth, RFID, NFC and LoRa to multi-band GSM, 3G, 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi and UWB systems, Mistral has the expertise to provide antenna designs that cater to myriad product needs. The antenna often is one of the key reasons for the failure of an RF or wireless design. The need for an antenna offering top-class performance is often overlooked during the product ID design stage. There is a direct tradeoff between antenna performance and mechanical constraints. Focus on a custom antenna design at the onset of the project will offer optimal RF performance and ensure a faster time to market.

Mistral’s is among the leading RF design companies in India with a well-equipped test and measurement infrastructure for Antenna Design services, of high-end spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, signal generators, LTE/3G testing tools as well as tools for simulation and prototyping. Our design expertise is complemented by a strong eco-system of partners to handle small and large volume production.

Mistral has the expertise and experience in working with small form factors and solving complex Antenna tuning issues. Mistral’s antenna design and development strength extend to active and passive RF and Microwave circuits, sub-systems, and full systems. Our designs ensure impedance matching and reduced power losses between the antenna and active electronics and offer good transmission lines for a low loss conducted RF signal path. Our antenna design team takes into account PCB material, layer stack, component tolerances and matching topology losses while designing the product.

Mistral also provides custom antenna designs for your specific product design. Our engineering team assists in designing an antenna to optimize your design for technical functionality and cost savings. Mistral has extensive expertise in the design of RF, analog, digital circuits and productization of embedded devices in the Automotive, Wearables, Consumer, Medical, IoT and Industrial domain. Mistral uses state-of-the-art antenna simulation tools to design and optimize antenna performance for your specific application, addressing challenges such as gain and pattern regulatory restrictions, efficient matching to the radio system, and environmental and mechanical requirements.

Mistral’s highly experienced team works directly with customers to evaluate antenna characteristics and performance factors. The team is focused on developing optimal antenna solutions, including frequency band, gain and pattern shaping, radiation efficiency, and required form factors. Mistral has experience in designing, testing and manufacturing antennas from low band frequencies to mmWave.


  • Cellular (4G/3G/2G)
  • 5G NR FR1 (sub 6 GHz) / 5G NR FR2 (mmWave) / 5G Massive MIMO Antenna
  • mmWave – 60GHz (Industrial), 77GHz (Automotive), D Band (110-170GHz)
  • Custom ISM (433 MHz / 900 MHz / 2.4 GHz / 5.8 GHz)
  • GNSS and Satellite
  • Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • RFID and IrDA


Custom Antenna Designs for Automotive, Wearable, Consumer, Medical, IoT and Industrial domains


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