Board Support Packages

Leverage on our in-depth expertise in Board Support Packages (BSP development) services on hardware platforms like ARM, PowerPC, Intel, NXP, Qualcomm and more for Embedded Linux, Window, Android, VxWorks, RTEMS OSes.


Board Support Packages are a collection of information that defines how to support a particular hardware device, set of devices, or hardware platform. BSP development (Board support packages) involves hardware-specific drivers and other routines that allow a particular RTOS to function in a particular hardware environment. Board Support Packages are a customizable set of files that allow users to specify which drivers and routines are needed for a particular hardware based on the target application.

BSP Development Services

Mistral offers Board Support Packages (BSP development) services on various leading platforms and processors helping customers choose the best architecture for their product. Our Product Engineering team offer comprehensive Board Support Packages – BSP and Device Driver  development services, addressing all the critical aspects of the respective OS kernel for an embedded device, enabling quick time-to-market. Our Board Support Packages software (BSP Development) is compliant with MISRA C standards.

Our BSP Development services team has extensive experience in porting of operating systems and Board Support Packages for various embedded systems and integration of various peripherals such as audio, video, storage, network, graphics, connectivity, buses, wireless, industrial sensors, User interface (UI) and other components as the design demands. Our BSP Development services provide complete functionality to enable communication between different system components.

Our BSP and device driver development services for Linux, Android, VxWorks, RTEMS and other popular platforms cater to a wide range of architecture such as ARM Cortex A8/A9/A15, OMAP and DM series from Texas Instruments, Renesas, Intel and NXP (earlier Freescale), Qualcomm SoCs and more. Our BSP and Device Driver Development services take into consideration the architecture specific constraints and ensure ease of porting to a different platform. All our Development Platforms and SoM Modules also include a binary Board Support Packages for Android and/or Debian/Yocto Linux to help customer’s kick-start their product development process using these platforms.


  • Board Support Packages for various OS platforms: Linux (Yocto, Open Embedded, Debian, Embedded Linux), Android, VxWorks and RTEMS
  • BSP Development services including:
  • Development and porting of Scheduler and Flash Bootloader
  • Boot time optimization
  • Minimum Kernel/OAL Support
  • Memory management and Power Optimization
  • Device Driver Development
  • File System Integration
  • Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) development for hardware initialization, interrupt handling, clock and timer management
  • Customized API Development
  • Unit, functional and integration testing


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