Firmware Development Services

BSP and Firmware development for building embedded devices. Our firmware development services are available disparate OS platforms and hardware architectures like ARM, Qualcomm, Intel, NXP, Texas Instruments and others.


Firmware provides the control and monitoring software needed for engineered products and systems. In today’s environment, firmware exists in each device; be it a smartphone, an edge device or a defense and aerospace sub-system. It is extremely important for firmware developers to have good knowledge about hardware design and development along with good  understanding of the internal workings of an embedded processor or SoC.

Mistral’s Product Engineering Services team has extensive expertise in BSP and firmware for a variety of OS platforms and hardware architectures; right from framing specifications and designing to implementation. We offer both high-level and low-level firmware development for a wide variety of embedded systems.  The majority of system software or firmware development need to address constraints like timing, security, power management, complexity, and resource optimization as reliable firmware is the crux of any embedded solution.

With 20+ years of experience in providing BSP and firmware development for embedded applications, Mistral is a leading firmware development company with the right set of skills, knowledge and capability to optimize the embedded software for your specific application. Be it real-time performance or maximizing the resources available; our BSP and firmware development services are available  for various processors and SoCs like RISC, CISC, DSP, ARM, MIPS, PowerPC and x86. Our Firmware development team gives closely consider various aspects of the product like power, timing and resource limitations while developing the necessary firmware. Our firmware development services are offered around C/C++ Programming, Assembly level Programming, expertise in IDE Tools and Debugging Tools.

Our firmware development services consider the end-use and middleware requirements for a particular application to ensure an efficient hardware, software and communication framework to the customer. Mistral’s stringent quality test procedures conform to all international standards, enabling us to provide firmware development services for various embedded products that comply with all statutory Safety and Quality standards.

Our firmware development services include: system architecture and partitioning, RTOS abstraction, Board bring up, boot loader, Hardware abstraction, BIOS porting and performance optimization, validation, and debugging.


  • System Architecture and Partitioning
  • RTOS abstraction – VxWorks, Embedded Linux, QNX, WinCE
  • Boot loader porting and hardening, Minimum Kernel/OAL Support
  • Hardware Abstraction Layer
  • File System Integration, Memory optimization and Power Management
  • Board Bring up and verification, Diagnostics and Interrupt routines
  • FPGA/CPLD based digital logic designs and IP cores
  • Development and porting of protocol and wireless stacks


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