Signal Integrity Analysis

Advancements in high-performance microprocessors and access to high-speed internet is driving the need for compact, high-performance systems that offers reliable data transmission with superior signal integrity.


The demand for high speed, compute-intensive devices in compact packaging call for higher density PCBs. The advent of high-performance microprocessors and high-speed interfaces are greatly driving the need for high-performance gadgets that offers reliable high-speed data transmission. These advancements are posing a challenge to designing boards with superior signal integrity.

Over the past decade, microprocessors and chip fabrication technologies have evolved tremendously. However, PCB fabrication technologies lagged, impacting the overall system performance. Signal integrity is one of the most important factors that pose a challenge to design engineers. As signal integrity affects the electrical performance of the system, it is crucial to have a robust SI analysis methodology in place during the product development process. Negligence to Signal Integrity can result in various issues such as crosstalk, reflection, EMI and signal distortion among others.

In a complex PCB, signals travel between various devices such as processor, memory chips, connectors, etc. interconnected over the signal traces. The nature of these interconnecting signal traces has a high impact on the integrity of the signal being transmitted.

Mistral has 20+ years of proven experience designing high-density boards with superior signal integrity performance. Our Expertise in mixed signal, RF, analog and digital designs requiring multiple SOCs, extensive interconnects and compact packaging, enables us to bring out faultless, sophisticated designs for lifestyle, commercial, industrial and defence applications.

Mistral has proven expertise in addressing signal integrity challenges in densely packed, low power, small form-factor circuits. Mistral provides a broad range of board level and system level signal integrity analysis services, including pre- and post-layout analysis. Mistral pays attention to every minute design detail such as clock distribution, signal path design, noise margin, stubs, impedances and loading, transmission line effects, signal path return currents, termination decoupling and power distribution to minimize signal integrity problems.

Mistral’s board design and CAD team have a thorough knowledge of signal integrity analysis and follows a proven methodology to ensure high signal integrity from the time the schematic is drawn until the board passes its final test. By addressing signal integrity problems early, Mistral ensures a reliable and optimal design at a reasonable cost.

Mistral has expertise in all industry leading signal integrity analysis and simulation tools such as ANSYS SiWave, HFSS, EDT, Cadence Allegro, Sigrity, Hyperlynx, etc. that help in calculating the performance of signals from the schematic and layout phase. Our custom PCB design services include Library management, PCB Layout and Analysis, Power Integrity Analysis, Signal Integrity Analysis, Structural Analysis and Thermal analysis.


  • Dielectric material selection
  • Topology optimization
  • Termination strategy
  • Routing specifications
  • Transient behavior
  • S-parameters and transfer function
  • Noise analysis


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