Like all technologies in the past century, RADAR technologies has made immense progress and has become a critical component in the defense and aerospace, avionics, communication and meteorological domain aiding applications like Terrain Mapping, Ground, Air and Sea Surveillance, Target Identification and Tracking, Fire Control, Communication and Secondary Surveillance.

Mistral provides comprehensive design, development and integration services, from initial prototyping through low volume production with the agility to adapt to changing customer requirements throughout the lifecycle. Mistral’s solutions are used in a wide range of commercial, military and paramilitary systems including ground-based, ship and airborne radar systems. With global partnership with leading organizations specializing in defense COTS like Curtiss Wright Defense and WindRiver Systems, Mistral is an acknowledged leader in the design and development of rugged, high-performance RADAR sub-systems like RADAR Controller, Signal & Data Processing, RADAR Display, Transmit and Receive Modules (TRMs), Transmitters and Exciters, DRFM, Digital Receivers and Data Recorders. Mistral designs electronic devices and RADAR sub-systems utilizing a broad range of technologies including mixed signal, high-speed digital, radio frequency (RF) and specialized electro-optics (EO).  Mistral’s designs are backed by in-house research and development operations that help ensure that the solutions offered incorporate and remain at the leading edge of signal processing technology.  

Mistral’s expertise in design and development of RADAR sub-systems include:

  • High-speed Digital and Mixed signal HW design for Acquisition systems
  • Direct RF sampling Solutions
  • Qualified LRUs complying to JSS55555, MIL-STD810F and MIL-STD 461E for ground and airborne application
  • Design and Fabrication of LRUs employing various cooling methods
    • Air Cooled
    • Air Flow-through
    • Conduction Cooled
    • Forced Air Conduction Cooled
    • Liquid Cooled
  • Application Specific development of HW boards and Power Supplies
  • FPGA based Signal Processing IPs and turnkey solutions for  RADAR applications
  • Algorithm development for Radar Receivers
  • Custom Platform Designs for Signal and Data Processing
  • Integration of COTS and Custom HW for target environments
  • CEMILAC certified design house with capabilities to deliver Airborne grade HW and SW solutions
  • FPGA IV&V for Airborne application
  • SW IV&V compliant to DO-178B for Airborne applications
To know more about Mistral's expertise in RADAR , email us at sales@mistralsolutions.com.

RADAR sub-systemsemail us at sales@mistralsolutions.com

Case Study

RADAR sub-systems

Radar Based Air Surveillance System

A RADAR sub-system for surveillance applications meeting stringent military standards


RADAR sub-systems

Digital Down Converter (DDC) IP Core

A wide-band DDC ideal for use in digital receivers

Technical Article

Multi-function Phased Array Radars (MPAR)

Modifications required in Phased Array Radar to realize MPAR


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