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Driven by the increasing adoption of healthcare and fitness monitoring wearables and the rising demand for wearables in entertainment and enterprise applications, the Wearable Electronics market comprises a new growth vector for the exploding Internet of Everything (IoE) market.The wearable electronics movement is currently dominated by health, fitness and “quantified self” applications like fitness bands and trackers. The more recent trends in wearable electronics include smart watches and wearable AV glasses, hearables, smart clothing, industrial segments for support and service applications and also into gaming technologies. Forming part of the ubiquitous Internet of Things (IoT), wearable electronics allow display and sharing of information from and to a multitude of Internet-connected data streams, improving systems and processes, while reducing costs and risks.

Mistral has several years of experience in the wearable electronics segment and has enabled several partner companies to achieve their goals of smart assistance.  Mistral’s expert team of engineers have spent considerable time and effort in the research and development of smart, compact and power efficient designs that are revolutionizing the nascent Wearable Electronics industry.

Mistral’s Expertise in  the design of Wearable Electronics include:

  • Embedded Applications

    • Hands-free HMI: Applications for motion tracking, voice recognition
    • End-use case development on Embedded OS with / without Display
    • Android framework customization
    • Custom iOS and Android apps development
  • Software Design and Development
    • Android / Embedded Linux/ Windows Embedded Firmware
    • Board Support Package and Device drivers
    • Sensor and third-party module integration
    • Firmware development for MCUs
  • Wireless connectivity
    • Wi-Fi, BT, BLE, NFC
  • Power Management
    • High efficiency power supply architecture
    • Dual battery solutions
    • Power optimization for extended battery life and reduced heat dissipation
  • Design of hardware for Small form factor, multi-board designs
    • PoP assembly
    • High Density Interconnect technology
    • Flex PCB designs
  • Cloud/ Web Application Development Services

    • Application Development in HTML5, Dot Net and Java with database servers such as SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL and application servers such as IIS, Tomcat and JBOSS.
    • Apps for displaying real-time parameters, historical trends.

    • Remote configuration and supports over-the-air firmware upgrade.
  • FCC, CE, UL certification
  • Multi-sensor integration
    • Accelerometer, Gyro, Compass, magnetometer, Touch



Some of the Wearable Electronics solutions designed by Mistral are listed below:

  • Design and development of industrial headset computer with hands-free operation
  • Head-mounted, voice activated computer with micro display running Android JB
  • Design and development of an On-officer video recording system
  • Interactive AV glasses with 720P resolution images based on OMAP4 for military, gaming and medical applications
  • TI CC2541 BLE chip based beacon device that indicates link loss when phone is out of range
  • 3D video player based on DM365 from TI
Kopin’s Golden-i development is a global multi-national endeavor. Working with many of the world’s best technology, component and software companies, Kopin required the most knowledgeable and experienced hardware integrator with advanced low power system experience – that’s Mistral. Mistral is a phenomenally well organized, accommodating and flexible hardware design integrator. Mistral is the best in the world at what they do. Mistral’s contribution to Golden-i™ continues to be significant and started with fully functional first printed circuit board assemblies, on-time and on-budget. – Jeffrey Jacobsen, Kopin Corporation

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Case Study

Wearable Electronics

Hands-free Headset with Virtual Display

Hands-free, headset computer that responds to voice, hand or head gesture


Wearable Electronics

Small form-factor Designs

End-to-end product design services in embedded domain


VISE Board

High power device built around the powerful i.MX6 Dual/Quad Core, ARM Cortex A9 SoC from Freescale


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