Development Platforms
Development Platforms

Mistral offers easy-to-use, scalable development platforms that help product developers leverage the capabilities of leading DSPs. Mistral’s award winning development platforms help product developers prototype and test their software and applications well before the product hardware is ready, which enable the development of highly differentiated feature-rich wireless and multimedia devices to the market at very low cost and considerably reduced time-to-market.

Mistral’s Product Development Platforms have won several awards and accolades over the years. These include, the TMDXEVM8148 which was shortlisted for the prestigious UBM ACE Awards 2012 in the “Development kits, Reference designs and SBCs” category. Another of Mistral’s development platforms, CraneBoard, a low-cost, open-source hardware development platform, was voted among the ‘EDN Hot 100 products’ of 2011.

Listed below are a few of the development platforms and add-on modules designed by Mistral:

  • TMDXEVM8148
  • Craneboard
  • AM/DM37x EVM

Mistral’s Product Engineering Services team has collaborated with leading semiconductor companies on various projects based on ARM®, digital signal processors (DSPs), multi-core processors, providing them with development platforms, EVMs and add-on modules that accelerate the development time for product developers. Mistral provides custom design services to various customers to build connected and wireless devices using the EVMs as the base development platform helping them kick-start their product development across various sectors.



“TI’s long and productive collaboration with Mistral has consistently yielded world class solutions to our customers. Mistral’s team has shown great technical prowess in building development tools on several of our leading embedded processors. We are pleased to be collaborating with a team that is proactive and adaptive to our fast paced technical innovations. Mistral’s expertise of our OMAP(TM) and DaVinci(TM) technology solutions have been noteworthy and a critical contribution in quickly getting many of our customers products to market.”  - Gerard Andrews, Texas Instruments  
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Case Study


Multimedia Live Streamer

Software development for an Android multimedia device with Full HD (1080P) H.264 AV streaming transmitter and receiver.


AM437x Product on Module (PoM) running Android KitKat



VISE Board

High power device built around the powerful i.MX6 Dual/Quad Core, ARM Cortex A9 SoC from Freescale


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