Sensor Integration
Sensor Integration

Sensors play an important role in embedded systems; be it in medical electronics, consumer electronics, automotive, industrial and home automation, security and surveillance applications.  The proliferation of sensors has increased since the advent of smartphones when accelerometers were first used to determine screen orientation. There are now a variety of sensors including magnetometers, barometers, and gyroscopes that are being used in portable and wearable gadgets like smartphones and tablets, watches, glasses and headsets.


With more than 15 years of experience in the embedded domain, Mistral’s PES team has extensive experience in sensor integration for a wide variety of embedded devices for automotive, medical, consumer, industrial, security and surveillance applications. Mistral has the expertise in sensor selection and integration for a device based on criteria like configuration, performance, power consideration and price.


Mistral’s Expertise on Various Sensor include:

  • Motion Sensors: Gyro,  E-Compass, Accelerometer, Proximity, Magnetometer
  • Light Sensors: ALS
  • Images Sensors: Camera (CMOS and CCD)
  • Industrial Sensors: Temperature, Pressure, Flow
  • Biometrics: Finger Print, IRIS
  • Medical: Blood Pressure, Pulse Oximetry
  • Fiber Optic sensor


Mistral’s sensor integration expertise in Embedded Product development include:

  • Hardware
    • Sensor Selection and Analysis
    • Sensor interface design with Product development
    • Sensor bring up and testing with end product
  • Software
    • Sensor driver development for sensor configuration
    • Protocol development for sensor Interface
    • Sensor integration with Drivers
    • Use case validation and testing
  • Final Product verification
    • Use case and Environmental verification with final Product


Some of the sensor based products designed by Mistral include:

  • Headset Computer with virtual display with head tracker
  • Intelligent, weather proof, Finger print identification and verification system based on TI DSP confirming to UL Standards
  • Hardware design with camera, USB, microSD and FPGA interface for an IRIS Recognition Device
  • Medical device for processing and  monitoring fetal and maternal ECG data
  • UAV mounted camera with airborne transmitter and ground station based receiver
  • Portable Scanner for Visually Impaired with Skype integration


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