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Mistral is a recognized Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner and provides services which covers a wide range of hardware and software solutions. Mistral’s PES team has worked with several customers worldwide offering a wide range of Windows Embedded Services for handheld multimedia devices, communication, networking and smart electronic devices. The Windows Embedded Services from Mistral include porting, writing device drivers, board support packages and application development on various ARM, MIPS  and x86 platforms.


Windows Embedded Services


Mistral’s range of Windows Embedded Services include:

  • Windows Embedded base porting
    • Porting Windows Embedded (WinCE) to ARM based hardware (SoCs)
    • Microsoft certified BSPs
  • Peripheral Integration on Windows Embedded platform
    • Integration of various peripheral device drivers
    • Development of device drivers
  • Feature development on Windows Embedded platform
    • DirectShow filter development
    • DSPBIOS Link integration
    • HTTP/RTP based media streaming
    • IPTV based applications
  • Windows Embedded based Application Development
    • USB streaming application
    • IPTV client application
  • Software Tools
    • Source management using SVN, GIT, Clearcase and CMSynergy
    • Code review using Reviewboard/GERRIT
  • Testing and Validation
    • Testing and validation using CETK
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Case Study

Wearable Headset Computer

Wearable Headset Computer

Hands-free, headset computer that responds to voice, hand or head gesture


bsp n drivers

BSP and Drivers

BSP and Device Driver Development on all leading platforms and processors

Software Download


DM355 Binary BSP for Windows Embedded 6.0


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